Saturday, 27 October 2012

Easy Peasy Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner so we've busting out some easy Halloween decorations.  These projects are simple and can be done with children.

This one is my favorite.  It is bat garland (not quite finished).  The bats have been stitched together with needle and thread with a black button added for decoration.  The eyes have been made with embroidery floss/thread but you could easily use beads, buttons or anything else you fancy.  All you need is a bat template and black plether (fake leather).  I googled "bat template" and was spoilt for choice.  I found that felt was too floppy on it's own. 

These pumpkins are made out of construction paper.  The 3-D pumpkin is made with 8 one inch strips of paper, two orange circles, a green strip of paper and a hand drawn leaf.  To make it, glue the 8 strips to one circle like a bicycle spoke.  Bring the strips upwards and glue them to the other circle and decorate with the green strip and leave.
The flat one, which I plan to add some leaves to, is made of one inch strips as well.  The centre one is 6 inches long, then two 7 inch strips, two 8 inch strips and then two 9 inch strips on the outside.  Just line them up and staple. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tessa, owner of House of Wonderland, sent me this lovely picture of some customer phone covers with one of my fabrics.  Its the one on the left, Timeless Treasures Compter Key Board fabric.  It looks lovely.  Be sure to visit her website. She has lots of yummy hand made items.!home/mainPage