Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Lisa, Beech Hill and Fiberfest

This past weekend was a trifecta of good times.  I went to the Devon countryside to visit my friend Lisa who moved to Beech Hill Community in January.  It's a community that shares a large country house where they grow their own food with a commitment to greener living. 
Lisa... didn't manage a picture of her two lovely kids
Storm and Becks.  

Beech Hill.

Here are some pics of the garden

poppies that grow like weeds

tomatoes... pretty, but don't like eating them.

cheeky chickens


next years wood pile

On the Sunday we drove through Exeter and went to Fiberfest. It's a haven of wool and all things related to it (including the animals).  There was a captivating exhibit called "under the sea".  I have a sea creature obession so I was transfixed.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Flag no. 3

Here's my 3rd flag.  I've used Jay McCarroll's Woodland friends fabric......

And here is the second block completed